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What We Do

Don’t allow the investment in your estate property to work against you. Leaving untreated, minor defects of homes or businesses can lead to big problems and eventually cost more later. Sara Elizabeth Masonry, your local and trusted masonry company with nearly 30 years of experience, will help proactively guard your residential and commercial investments.

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New Construction

In addition to regular masonry services and repairs, Sara Elizabeth Masonry also specializes in new construction projects. We have planned and constructed residential homes, townhomes, and commercial buildings. Every aspect of our masonry service shines in our projects. It gives us the chance to create lasting relationships with our customers. We deliver all masonry work with the highest level of craftsmanship at every step along the way and deliver projects on time. Different projects often come with different approaches from their owners, general contractors, builders, developers, or architects. We work closely to ensure that every aspect of masonry work per drawings specification performs to the highest caliber.

Lintel Repair/Replacement

Have one of our experts inspect your shelf angles or lintel beams to see what condition they are in, preferably before they fail. They can detect whether repairing and maintenance are required to your existing lintel beams or if an entire lintel replacement is necessary due to critically deteriorated materials.

Brick Pointing/Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing is also known as repointing or brick pointing. It is when hairline cracks, deteriorated mortar, crumbled mortar, and missing mortar are repaired with masonry tools to reduce moisture and water penetration. Our skilled team of masons can tuckpoint your brick masonry structures and walls expertly and professionally to help with your water damage and intrusion issues.

Chimney Repairs

The usual culprit to chimney decay is freeze and thaw cycles. The bricks and stones expand and contract. This eventually pushes the foundation and exterior to crack and break. A leaning and cracking chimney and crown is very unsafe and should be rebuilt immediately. We can help you with your chimney rebuilding or repair with precision and care, meeting all safety requirements.

Brick, Block, & Stone Work

Our expert masons can install concrete, paving stone, or porcelain tile with patience and precision. Walls, outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, patios, and stairs are just some of the many projects we can help you create. Let us bring your specialty project to life with our years of masonry experience.

Masonry Cleaning & Sealing

Over time, brick, stone, limestone, and block accumulates all sorts of debris and grime. At Sara Elizabeth Masonry, we will bring your surfaces “back to life.” Our commercial pressure washers will remove the debris and clean surfaces back to new. Once clean, our experts can advise if sealing is required to extend the life of the material.

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